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Catalog – Biggest marketing comeback of the decade.

Catalog is as much important to your online business as the window dressing is to the brick and mortar stores. It might not be the product itself but without it, you cannot make product sale. In fact, the biggest returning fad in the marketing world is catalogs. Further, this time around they are piggybacking the email marketing. Catalog mailing trend has increased exponentially in last couple of years. The main reason behind their popularity is that digital catalogs are much cheaper and accessible from anywhere and anytime. Moreover, best part is that consumers are seeing actual value in this form of marketing.

Another, reason why you need a product catalog is that today’s consumer is lot smarter. They also love doing some research and weighing their options. Hence, you need to give consistent insights into your product offer. This will also, allow customers to compare and come to their own conclusion about your product.  Of course, you need to help consumer form a positive opinion, that you are better than the competition. Thus, if you want to win this race you need to create high quality catalog for your business.

Stack Eternal| Catalog creation and management made easier
Stack Eternal| Catalog creation and management made easier

Why are catalog so effective?

Catalog actually works like a door-to-door salesperson. However, instead of you paying a person to actually visit your users and explain the product to them. You can just mail one directly to your audience’s inbox. Hence, having a crisp and attractive catalog will definitely get your foot into the door. Another reason why they are so effective is that they double down as a tool for customer service.

Most of the revenue in any business generates from repeat customers. The reason behind this is that if a customer is comfortable with one vendor, they tend to stick with them. Hence, if customer buys tennis racket from a particular supplier, chances are he will go to him for other purchases also. So, you need to make your existing customer aware about your other products. And the best way to do it is creating a catalog.

How to make an on point catalog?

Do you know that sales pitch are also known as elevator pitch? It is because your sales pitch should take only that much time as it takes you to ride an elevator i.e. in 1 to 2 minutes. Hence, the key to making a spot on catalog is to keep it short and simple. It should explain the key features of your product and how it will benefit to your audience in less than 2 minutes.  However, creating a catalog is an art and there is no one size fits all formula here. Hence, try to personalize your product catalogue as per the target demography. Also, avoid recycling old catalogs. As they are generally out of style and can make you look sloppy.

Characteristics of winning catalog.

Some basic quality parameter can make your catalog stand apart.

High quality photography: Personalize your catalogue by professionally photographing your product portfolio. Because by focusing on creating stunning imagery you are grabbing your audience’s attention.

Rich and eye-catching design: A great catalog inspires consumer imagination in a way that they can actually visualize the product. Hence investing in aesthetic designs increases customer involvement and can influence their preferences.

Catchy copy writing: It is as much about communication as about aesthetics. Further, drafting the text in a casual conversational manner will help you connect with the customers. Also, a pro-tip – avoid jargon.

Informative: Your catalog cannot be a jumbled up creation, made from hasty copy paste job. Above all, it should present all relevant information about your product.

Get help with catalog management.

Every catalogue needs careful planning and thought in order to leave lasting impact. Further, it should be designed to evoke emotions in customer. As this will help you to build a relationship. Another important aspect to consider is timing. For example if you have a video games business, best time to run your catalogue campaign is just before summer holidays. On the other hand, if you run a gift company Christmas holidays would be the best time.

We will help you with everything from creating attractive catalog to finding the perfect channel and timing for sending it out. Even if you have an existing catalog, there is always a room for improvement. Our services will enable you to design and manage your catalogs across all digital and print media. After all, with our expertise, you will find a better way to bring your products to the market.

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