Creative – The fuel that drives digital marketing to new heights

When we speak about the conversions, ROI, traffic etc. oftentimes creativity takes the backseat. It is because we are so driven to get the results that we forget to fill up the tank –i.e. being creative.  In fact, we have seen that marketers just want to complete the project and check the set boxes. Because in the world of data, algorithms and artificial intelligence it is creativity which keeps us human. Today, most of the marketers have let the creative take back seat. This has resulted in the bland and impersonal marketing campaigns. Such campaigns may seem efficient and cheap but they do not communicate to the users. Ultimately, you will end up losing your user base.

Importance of being creative for all digital marketing strategies
Importance of being creative for all digital marketing strategies

Why being creative is important?

Engagement is of utmost important in today’s market. At any given point of time, your users are being targeted by your competition who wants their attention. Moreover, here your competition is not someone who has similar product or is in same industry. Your competition is everyone who take away the users attention from you.  Also the users today are so overfed with information that catching their attention has become more difficult. It is as if you are offering 4 course meal to someone who just had a 10 course meal.

Creative digital marketing can help you cut through all the noise and reach them. Hence, add a large dose of creativity to elevate your content and connect your audience. After all this will give you larger return in the end.

How do we make digital marketing – creative?

In the previous para, we established that creativity is essential for every marketing campaign. Now, let us learn a bit about how we make our digital marketing projects creative. Firstly, we give free reign to our team to brainstorm and come up with unique ideas for each campaign. Our brainstorming sessions often turn into a tornado until a solid idea is generated that catches on. Secondly, we go about identifying how to convert the idea into a customer centric experience. We know that users today are more choosey and demanding. Hence, we mold our idea to create an experience that appeals to the audience and is worth their time. We believe that even best of the ideas can flop if not executed properly. Therefore, we set to execute the idea by creating content and promotions that resonates and engages the audience.

Moreover, with our unique mixture of creativity and data analytics we create channels that keeps your audience constantly engaged. We do this by creating a customer journey right from the first interaction to the conversion.

The pillars to creativity.

Over the period, we have come to appreciate that madness needs method in order to be of utility. Hence, for all our innovative and creative ideas we provide three pillars to make them more efficient.

Context : An idea no matter how unique and innovate cannot be of use unless it is in context to the task on hand. Therefore, we do a mock run of the campaign to see how the audience will receive it before actually rolling it out. We try to set a context so that the audience can see the value that the product can bring to them.

Data-driven: Being creative requires freestyle working. However, if data does not back it up the chances are that the campaign might fail. In depth, data analysis helps us get insights on you audience. So that we can create a bespoke experience for the audience instead of the run of the mill copy paste content.

Timing: Right timing can make or break digital marketing. Because, a creative idea if not timed right can be taken out of context and backfire. Therefore, we launch the campaigns at the right time to get the right results.

Get your creative hat on with us.

Are you not tired of the generic messages that does not engage your customer?  So why not give us a chance. Because, with our creative and analytical approach we deliver more meaningful experiences. This has helped us build great relationship with our clients. And we would love to do the same with your client’s too. After all, with us creativity will always be in vogue.