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Mobile app development for all businesses

If you are still trying to list the pros and cons of mobile app development – you need to stop right there. Because we want you to give you some food (statistics) for your thoughts. Firstly, over 60 percent of global cell phone users, has mobile as their primary or exclusive source of internet. Secondly, 80% of the consumers uses smartphone to browse and shop. Third and last, over 80% of the smart phone owners uses apps on daily basis. If you combine these three facts, you will understand the importance of having a mobile app.
Many times our clients tend to feel that they do not need mobile app as they are not in retail. If you too are thinking same, you cannot be more wrong. Because, business apps are not always for direct selling. To be fair, we are not denying that mobile apps helps in growing sales. However, it is also an excellent tool for customer engagement and providing value services. Further, given the number of options available, customer service is of utmost importance. In fact, five years back having a mobile app gave you an advantage over your competitors. However, now if you are thinking of developing a mobile app, you are simply catching up to your peers.
Mobile App Development | Stack Eternal
Mobile App Development | Stack Eternal

Wider reach through mobile app development

Having a wide reaching digital presence is core to grow your business. Moreover, with mobile app development, you can achieve exactly that. Given the increasing number of smart-phone users, you can easily expand your user base. In addition, you can increase your visibility by offering discounts and running interactive promotions.

Customer Value

Mobile apps acts as a direct channel between the businesses and the users. Hence, this allows for effective interaction with the users. Further, it can help transform customer experience and deliver on the customer expectations. However, this actually requires quality design and build. Also badly designed app with frequent apps can turn off users. Our niche is knowing the user preference. Hence, we always focus on what your target audience wants and design the app to provide them the ultimate experience. Therefore, our blend of tech skills and experience helps us deliver world-class mobile app development services.

Increase Sales

At the end of the day, the bottom line for all businesses is to increase revenue. Mobile apps provides easy access to customers anytime and anywhere. As a result, your business can remain accessible to the customers 24/7. Which consequently leads to higher revenues.

Our portfolio of mobile app development.

We develop quality, light and interactive mobile apps for all. Therefore, depending upon your needs, we can develop native, hybrid, IOS, android and many more type of mobile apps. We pride ourselves in the quality that we deliver and it shows in the customer feedback that we receive. Further, our portfolio includes start-ups and established businesses both. In addition, we have extensive experience in dealing with hospitality, retail, telecom, life science, consumer and other industries. This breadth of experience has led us to be one of the premier mobile app development companies in USA.

Our mobile app development methodology at glance.

When it comes to mobile app development, we have a unique concept to creation process. Hence, the first step is to understand our clients need and turn it into a vision. Thereafter, we design and develop the app using best tech. Once the initial development is complete, out quality team, tests the app to ensure that your app is bug free and ready to launch from the day one. Lastly, we help our clients to promote and roll out the app for the public use. Our tried and tested process has helped us deliver mobile apps with assured performance

Cutting edge security.

During last few years, mobile app development has grown exponentially. Along with it, so has the security breaches. In fact, one of the primary misgivings that users have when downloading any app is the security compromise. Further, the data residing within the app is very sensitive and personal. Hence, any breach can lead to loss of reputation for the business owner and the users. Accordingly, when we build any app, equal if not more, importance is given to the security. We believe that security is not an afterthought and should start upfront. Hence, we integrate the security features right from the concept stage.

Benefits that we deliver.

What makes us one of the best mobile development companies? The answer is our understanding of consumer needs and use of innovative technology. Our work is not just to make our clients happy. We also focus on what makes our client’s customers happy. Hence, we deliver the apps that are delightful to use and loved by the masses. Further, our expertise and emphasis on the best practices has led us to exceed client expectations every time.