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Search Engine marketing – SEM | Strategy that gives results

Search engine marketing or SEM is perhaps one of the fastest and efficient form of digital marketing. It is combination of data analytics and paid adverting. Usually in SEM, advertiser bids for the most sought after keywords. Thereafter, they strategically places an advert to entice a user right when they are searching for the keyword.

Internet has made the entire globe into one big market place. However, this also means that for every new customer you also have additional competition. Further, when so many businesses are vying for the same market share, you need something extra. And that extra boost can be given to your business by right SEM strategies.

However, SEM is not as easy as it sounds. It does not mean that you just have to pay for few keywords, place your ads and boom you will have explosion of visitors. Because if you are not paying attention to your spends, chances are they will result in very low ROI. In fact, often times a thoughtless pay per click campaign can result in truckload of visitors. However, they do not convert and end up paying big bucks for dud visitors.

Hence, it is imperative to have a thoroughly researched SEM strategy that relies upon proven insights and delivers visible results.

Get best in class Search Engine Marketing services from leading SEM agency
Get best in class Search Engine Marketing services from leading SEM agency

Our SEM process – A winning combination

Setting objective: This the first step of our SEM strategy. Under this step we have and in-depth discussions with our client to understand their objective behind the advertising. Thereafter, we breakdown the broader objective into smaller groups. Lastly, each group is assigned performance indicator to help measure success.

Setting goals: When it comes to SEM the ultimate goal is least spend and highest results. Hence, at the outset we set an incremental goal of an ROI.

Data analytics: SEM is a science backed by data. Our market research teams work tirelessly to gain insights about your target market. Further, we specialize in finding, low-cost and high converting keywords. Thereafter we recreate the entire buyer’s journey to pin the time and zone which results into highest leads and conversions.

A/B testing: Copywriting is very crucial step in paid advertising. Because if your copy is not enticing enough, chances are that users will not click on it. Hence writing a compelling call to action is necessary for achieving high results. However, getting right at the first go is not always achievable. Therefore, we always tests any copy and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Constant hustling: We are not a one trick pony. Most of the agencies would give you result in the first month and thereafter it would be a steady downhill. However, set incremental goals so that improvement in your ROI becomes a continuous process.

Why we are the best fit for your SEM needs?

Are you tired of spending good money that does not give clear results? Have you tired SEM and it seems as if it is not working as per your expectations? Well, these are the clear signs that you need expert help. So now, give us your worries and look at some of the benefits that you will get from choosing us as your SEM partner.

Flow of quality traffic: With us, as your partner you no longer need to pay for the worthless clicks. Because our team will provide your with precise and well-researched keywords.

High conversion rate: We have helped hundreds of our clients to convert casual browsers into actual buyers.

Manage your budget: With us, you can easily stay away from bad expenses that gives low ROI. We go out of our way to ensure that the advertising spend never goes to waste. Because we know how much you value your money and we will help you get its worth!

Results that you can see: As a practice, we give detailed report to all our clients highlighting the performance of their paid advertising spends. Additionally, our reports can help you optimize your spends to achieve even higher success.

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The best benefit of SEM is that it allows advertisers to target the motivated customer who are looking for your product. In other words, with SEM you takes your product to the right place at the right time. Hence, why not capitalize on the power of SEM and give your business the much needed leg-up. And, who could be a better partner than us who have helped hundreds of client achieve manifold increase on their investment. So, stop fidgeting and connect with us!