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Sell Online? Yes please!

Are you part of the fastest growing market place? If not, it is high time that you sell online. Because selling online will not only help you reach larger audience it also allows you to provide your products and services without any geographical barriers. Statistically speaking globally over 2 billion people uses online channel for shopping. Further, the global e-retail sales are over 3 trillion USD with a projection of same doubling by 2022. In fact, online shopping is one of most popular online activities across the globe. Now you can take a guess at how powerful the online market actually is.

Sell online and grow your business exponentially with Stack Eternal
Sell online and grow your business exponentially with Stack Eternal

Advantages of selling online

Millions of people browse internet to search for the products and services that you offer. Further, by having an e-commerce business you make your products available to them easily. You can also employ multiple marketing strategies to boost your business.

Lower costs: Let us face it – when it comes to business controlling cost is as much important as growing top line. Setting up an e-commerce business is actually lot cheaper than setting up offline stores. Further, by having automated sales system, you end up saving a lot in terms of rent, electricity, sales staff and much more.

Scalable: When you sell online, you get lots flexibility in expanding your product range and finding the best mix. Further, you can easily scale your business by expanding your product and service offerings by leveraging insights from the consumer behavior. Moreover, diversifying your portfolio gives an added cushion against cyclical downturns. In fact if you look at most successful online businesses such as Amazon, you will find that the mantra behind their success to scale their products and offerings by monitoring customer preferences.

No geographic boundaries: You can easily take your business global by selling online. Because when you sell online, your potential customer can view your website at anytime from anywhere.

Better margins and cash flow: Having a higher margin is must to build up cash cushion. Particularly when you are a retailer, fixed costs can eat up your margins. Further you can set-up your online payments options to ensure that you get full payment from the customers. Hence, you do not have to spend time in chasing them for payments.

Challenges when you sell online.

Enabling your business to sell online is the need of the hour. However, e-commerce space is full of cutthroat competition. Because along with, global customer base you also have to contend with global competitors. Hence having in depth knowledge about online selling is imperative to succeed.

Hence, there are two ground rules, which you should adhere when it comes to selling online. Moreover, these rules will help you get best out of your sell online strategy. Hence, to get maximum benefit of having an online presence you need to:

Price transparency: Keeping a fixed price not only saves you hassle of negotiating with each customer it also increases customer confidence.

Time management: Deliver your products and services within a reasonable period. Because the customer that you found online can very simply go and choose your competitor if you are not able to deliver in time.

As step by step guide on how to sell online.

Just like a brick and mortar store, you need to find your niche and target audience for online selling. Thereafter you need to decide the e-commerce platform that best suits your needs. Lastly, start offering your products on multiple online platforms that compliments your business.
To get more insight on how we help businesses sell online look at our guide below:

Finding the best product offering:  First step to sell online is thorough understanding of your offering. When you are deciding on the product mix, be sure to research on customer preferences and trends.
Supply chain: Having right supply is essential, especially when you are a drop shipper. Hence, set-up a vendor channel from where you can source products economically and reliably.

Choose the right platform: When it comes to online market, you have lot of options as to how you want to sell. You can set-up your own website or maybe sell on other e-commerce platforms such as amazon, Ebay, Etsy, etc.

Right marketing channel: Marketing will always be at forefront when you sell online. Choose the perfect digital marketing tools to expand your outreach.


How can we help?

Our all inclusive services assists you with everything from what to sell, whom to sell and how to sell. We can guide you so that you never flounder in the online world. Hence whether you are thinking of going online for the first time or already are online, connect with us. We will help your business grow faster with our sell online strategies. Moreover, we can help you set-up pilot e-commerce strategy without significant investment!