Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing – Do you really need it?

On an average, one user spends over 140 minutes per day on social networking sites. Which roughly translate to 15 percent of an average person’s waking hours. Further, now with more than 3 billion people using social media on monthly basis, we can safely say that social media is here to stay. This has resulted to increase in the importance of social media marketing. Also, social media today is the most diverse and dense market. Whatever industry you are in chances are that large chunk of your target audience are on social media. Hence instead of ignoring this amazing platform just hop in for a great ride.

Another reason why social media is a better platform to engage user is the easy access it provides. Furthermore, getting your website to rank high on google can take time. However, with social media marketing you can reach your target audience from the day one. Given that your posts shows up directly in your followers feed, you are getting visitors that are more likely to convert.

Leading Social Media Marketing Company | Stack Eternal
Leading Social Media Marketing Company | Stack Eternal

Navigate social media with ease

This platform may be easy to access but social media marketing is tough cookie to crack. However, a right social media strategy can make your brand. But at the same time, a wrong one can kill your brand or turn it into a meme. Moreover running a successful social media marketing campaign is very time consuming. It requires creating engaging content, prompt replies to the comments and private messages. In fact, these are the reasons why majority of businesses shies away from social media. Hence having a right partner to manage your social media marketing can go a long way in building a brand that users love. We at Stack Eternal are pro at handling social media and can be your soul partner in your social media foray.


Our approach to ace the social media marketing.

Our social media marketing campaigns breathes life into the brands. You want to know how do we that? And we do that by simply, creating content, that engages users and make them take notice of your brand. Notably, our motto is to connect businesses – small or big to the target audience. So, let’s understand how we achieve our motto. Well simply put we follow three golden social media marketing rules. First, know your audience. Thereafter maintain consistency. And lastly do not make it just about follower count.


Know Thy Audience


This is perhaps the most crucial part in creating a winning social media strategy. Without knowing your target audience, you are just a crazy person shouting in the middle of a crowd. And hoping that someone will know what you are talking about and will respond. So the first stage of our campaign is to have a long chats with our client to understand their products, their customers and their brand. Based on which we identify the target audience and decide upon the best social media platform for your business.


Consistency is the Key


Getting traction on social media is lot easier in comparison to other platforms. However, it is tough is to keep engaging them. But power of being consistent does real wonders over here. Users today are fickle and frankly are spoiled for options. Hence, if you are not consistent in managing your social media accounts, they will flock away to your competitors. Again, the engagement should be more than just creating posts and ads. It needs to be fresh and personalized to your brand.


It is not about followers


We do agree that this is ultimately a number game. However, it is not only about the number of followers. Yes, you do need to grow your followers – it is the easiest way to advertise your product. But having an uninterested audience is not going to help your business. The numbers will look pretty but they are not generating revenue. Hence, we help our clients build the audience that’s right for their business. We do this by building a strong connection by creating innovative and participative campaigns.


Social Media Advertising


Paid social media advertising is an extension of social media marketing. Moreover, it helps generate instant results, and is most cost effective advertising. In contrast to traditional media, social media adverts are 3 times less costly and more likely to reach your target audience. We can help you find the right strategy, so that for every dollar spent you get the highest ROI.


Why Us?

We often feel that in today’s competitive world, most agencies focuses too much on revenues. This also results in lack of personal touch and creativity. However, at stack eternal we know the value of customer services. Above all, our goal is to provide affordable services, which are tailored to suit each client’s unique needs. So don’t laze around anymore, give us a shout out, and make your brand social media friendly.