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UI / UX development is crucial part of any website or app. Primary reason behind its importance is that UI and UX together acts as a bridge between you and your users. In fact, if one digs bit deeper you will understand that UI / UX design is actually all about marketing. Akin to marketing UI / UX is about keeping the user first and knowing their preferences. Users today have multiple options and choices. Hence, if you want to grab their attention you need to hit the bull’s eye in one go. A good UI / UX developer recognizes that user is the ultimate boss. Moreover, a pro developer will centre the design on user experience.

To elevate user experience for any website or app, the developer needs to take path of least resistance. What we mean is that the design should be such that a user can navigate from A to B in under three clicks. Because, if the design is too complex, the users tend to get lost and might not return out of frustration. Hence, the UI / UX development is an exercise in removing all elements, which are not necessary. After all, once you cut through all the noise your product will shine like brightest of sun.

UI / UX Development Services | Leading UI / UX designer in US
UI / UX Development Services | Leading UI / UX designer in US

UI / UX development – UI v/s UX

The core to success of UI / UX development is equal focus on UI and UX both. But, let us take a step back and understand what exactly is UI and UX. User interface or UI is what is visible to the human eyes. UI is everything from the pages to all those buttons and dropdown menus on any website or app. Hence, primary job of UI is make user’s interaction with any application spontaneous. On the other hand, UX is behind the scene version of any application. UX is responsible for overall user experience. A sharp UI will instantly attract user to your website whereas a solid UX will leave a lasting impact on the users mind.

Key components

We have created our unique 5 point manual that we swear by when it comes to UI / UX designing.

Simplicity and uniformity: Our motto is to provide exceptional utility with minimal input. Any website with lot of clutter makes navigation difficult and turns off users. Further, having a consistent layout across all platforms such as website and app creates recall value. It is therefore essential that UI /UX design is simple and uniform.

Speed it up: The biggest buzzkill when it comes to user interaction is the app that takes forever to load. Ideally, an app or webpage should load within seconds or at least before a user gets bored waiting.

Make it interactive: Best way to make any website more interactive is by making it relatable. Hence, Our UI/UX focuses on the brand building and communicating with your audience intuitively. Because more the interaction larger will be your user base.

Eye-candy: While beauty is not everything, we believe any website or an app has to be easy on the eyes. Hence, we insist on using eye-catching designs with high resolution images.

Testing, testing, testing: Wireframing is an essential step before public roll out. Under this step we test usability and features. Further, we also test the functionality and performance. This will result in an app or website that performs per the set standards.

Our UI / UX development team

It takes a genius to make something, which is truly simple. Or maybe as in our case a team of geniuses. Our UI / UX development team comprises of highly qualified and experienced professionals. Moreover, our team is the right mix of analysts, developers and designers. Hence, together they create most magical user experience.

We believe, UI / UX development when done right provides enriching experience for all users. This means consideration is given for all users – visually impaired, language barrier etc. Further, all such aspects that would make the technology less accessible to users are corrected. This ultimately leads to a design that looks great and is equally simple to use. Because we believe, when it comes to UI / UX development it is not just about how it looks but also about how it works and feels.

So make your customer feel valued with our top class UI / UX development services!