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Web app development for faster reach

Creating website is perhaps the first step to going digital. Today, the internet is creating a new business environment, which is constantly changing and challenging the way in which the traditional businesses are operating. This means that businesses have to be constantly on their toes to retain their customers. Now try to think back to a time when you are visiting a website that it is very static. Did it not put you off? So do you believe that creating a website is enough? The answer is resounding NO. Today’s dynamic users wants dynamic websites. If your website does not interact with the visitors, they will not become your customers. Which is why a robust web app development is important.

Another advantage of web application is ease of access. The fact that it is accessible from any device be it android or iOS makes it more versatile than mobile apps. If planned and built correctly, web apps can reach millions of consumers, resulting in high revenue for businesses. Furthermore, you get all of this at relatively affordable cost.

However, web app development is a niche specialty, which requires attention to details and vast knowledge of user experience and behaviour. And believe us when we say that web app development is a market full of options but without any easy choices. But luckily, for you, we provide top notch web app development services.

Best web app development company | Stack Eternal
Best web app development company | Stack Eternal

What makes us the best web app development company?

Stack Eternal being a top-tier web app development company is capable to address all challenges – big and small. But what makes us best is our experience from building interactive and user friendly web apps for over 100+ clients coming from all industry be it b2c or b2b or retail or wholesale. Moreover, we give equal importance on both front-end and back-end side of the development process. Which in turn helps us to we create web apps, which are clean, simple, agile and user friendly. However what makes us the agency of choice, is that we always give real advice to our clients, which is not based on improving our top line.


The process


Web app development has multiple stages comprising of planning, research, design, testing and training. We will be with you at every stage and provide real time updates. At the very start of the project, we very clearly lay down the objective, process and the output. And any deviation is only with the prior client approval. Further, we document the entire process to ensure that the core programming is easy to manage and upgrade in future.

We use best in class tools to develop our apps. Some of the tech that we use includes angular, polymer, HTML5, CSS, Ruby on rails, bootstrap and many more. The tech we use is both open source and proprietary. Depending upon your need, we select best tools to develop the web app.
We also provide long-term support contracts for web apps developed by us. So rest assured we take full responsibility for the product that we deliver.

The tricky thing about web apps is the large volume of information. Which can lead to multiple and many time unidentifiable mistakes. Hence, testing process for web app development has to be in depth. Many times, testing requires more man power and time than the actual development. Our testing process includes checks on security, bugs, load, stress, accessibility, user friendliness to name a few. This also ensures that our web apps conforms to best practices and are ready to use from the day one.


Our Work and Team


Our web app development services includes everything from simple content management systems to most complex e-commerce portals. We have successfully completed number of projects that has helped our clients to implement more interactive systems. We pride ourselves in understanding the unique challenges that each client faces. And we achieve this by being in constant touch with our clients. Our team comprises of full time web app developers with experience in delivering high quality apps at an affordable cost. Our web app team works in close collaboration with the clients. As a result, we come up with custom web app solutions that has longer shelf life and evolves with client’s business. We invest in lasting relations. Hence, we never cut short on quality.

The services we offer are value for money and leaves our client with greater satisfaction. So, if you are in market for a web app, call or chat us up and we will help you find best solution that suits your needs.