Zwishy is probably first of its kind online Gift Discovery, Registry and Wishlist platform in India. Also, the site offers…

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Zwishy is probably first of its kind online Gift Discovery, Registry and Wishlist platform in India. Also, the site offers unique services of creating gift registries, cash funds, social gifting, wishlists and much more.

The Challenge

In India registering for gifts is still a taboo. Also most people shy away from creating wishlists out of fear of being taken perceived as obnoxious. In addition, they are a start up with a tight budget making the difficulty level high. Which is why there was an apprehension about the reception from the target audience.

Hence, here the real challenge was to make the Gift Registry popular and user friendly. However, the first step was to do extensive pre-launch market research to educate the people about this awesome gift registry platform in India. And recognising the need of reaching out to people and converting them into potential users, they approached us to help them out.

The Solution

The services offered by Zwishy is almost completely dependent on digital outreach. And recognising that, we charted out a very effective tried and tested app development and deployment strategy that would build up on its digital business model.

The first thing that we did was to carry out our own online surveys to gauge the user’s response to the registry platform. And on the basis of the results of the survey we set out a plan to overcome the challenges.

The plan included:

  • Getting the UI/UX strategy right to make the web app as easy as possible for a user to navigate.
  • Getting the word out by creating unique and creative social media campaigns.
  • Making sure that all the content that was put out was search engine optimized to drive traffic to the website. Depending heavily on content marketing and SEO.
  • To increase ROI through higher conversions.

The Result

Due to the user friendly nature of the web app and organic marketing tactics, we could increase the outreach to users and educate them about the product. Further, on account of mostly using organic tactics the marketing cost did not eat up the entire budget of the start up. And as result, the ROI on this project continues to increase.

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