Search Engine Optimization


What is Search Engine Optimization / SEO?

Search engine optimization is the bread and butter of digital marketing. Primarily driven by search engine algorithms, Search Engine Optimization is the race to reach the coveted first three spots on any search result. Unfortunately, these days the top spots are usually the paid search results. However, the users still prefer the organic results over the paid ones. To add to that, organic search results can make you appear more credible to the users and generate far more click through rate as compared to the paid result. For the record, research shows that users are 10 times more likely to click on an organic result. Hence having an organic Search Engine Optimization strategy can improve your CTR 10 time over.

Best Search Engine Optimization Company in USA | Stack Eternal
Best Search Engine Optimization Company in USA | Stack Eternal

Why your business needs SEO?

For any business to succeed, outranking their competitors is critical. However, in the online world you need some different tools to outshine your competition. Today more and more consumers are moving to online platforms. In fact, most of them are using search engines like google for finding everything from the time of the day to the best restaurant in the town. Therefore, it is important that you have a visibility. Moreover, the search engine arena is constantly evolving. Further, with over 3.5 billion google searches every day, ranking high in the search result is indeed necessary. Now just think – your audience is already looking for you. Hence, the only step that you need to take is to be where they can see you. And the Search Engine Optimization is the right tool that can help you be more visible to your audience.

Another reason Search Engine Optimization is one of the best marketing channels is that it continue to give returns over time. Hence creating a solid piece of content with the right keywords, will lead to increasing in traffic and conversions overtime. Further, because unlike paid advertising SEO does not need continuous funding to send traffic to your site the ROI is sky high.

How can we help improve your SEO?

Driving organic traffic to your website can be challenging and can make you get easily lost. Plus, search engine is such a vast ocean that without proper compass your audience will not reach you.

Search engines have a set of rules to determine the site ranks. Understanding and following these rules will take you a step closer to your ideal searcher. However, search algorithms are tricky and it is not easy to reach the top spot. But you can achieve that by a robust SEO strategy that optimizes your content so that you are always visible.

On the other hand, the SEO traffic can also help you understand your audience. Our analytics team can provide you with data and insights that will help in better understanding your customers. We can provide you with the precise data on how, what, when and why your audience search for something particular. This will not only help you improve your search ranking but will also let you make decisions that are more informed.

Our SEO Process.

We understand that every website is different. Hence, we spend considerable time to understand your business and goals. Based on that we create a project outline that will best fits your goals. Further, we set the benchmarks, keep track of the conversion and help you measure your ROI.

That was a generic description of our SEO strategy. On granular level, the first step to our SEO process is keyword research. We carry out in-depth analysis of your audience and their behaviour pattern.  Thereafter, we use the results our analysis to optimize your content. However, while doing that ensure that your content is 100% original and connects with your audience. Lastly, we will help you with link building to ensure that your content is placed at most optimal points. Ultimately this all will make you more visible and relevant to your audience.

What makes us best?

Have you tried searching for best SEO agency on google? Well if you have not tried it, please go ahead and do it. So, now you already know that there is plethora of agencies that claim to the best SEO consultant. However, choosing a good SEO company is very important, as wrong and unethical SEO techniques can actually harm your rankings. In fact, most search engines penalizes the websites that attempt to spam the search results. Such strategies might seem as if they are giving results in the short term. However, they can actually put you out of the business.

At Stack Eternal, we do not try to pull tricks. Instead, we focus on providing genuine user experience to your audience so that the traffic that you get is ready to convert. So hit us up for an immediate fix on your SEO.